Alexandria Zoological Park, Alexandria, Louisiana
The Alexandria Zoological Park, owned by the City of Alexandria and operated by the Division of Public Works was opened for the first time in 1926. It was first started in Bringhurst Park as a row of cages. Now this zoo occupies almost 33 acres area having a major animal diversity by the presence of 500 different animals. It plays an important role for 20 species survival plan. This zoo is also accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).
Being a public zoological park, this one has also a good track record for attracting public of surrounding as well as some distant visitors too. At the time of beginning this zoological park is first started with original fish pools which are now used as habitat of fowls. There are a great collection of different types of discarded pets such as rabbits, goats as well as deer also. The main unique feature of this zoological park is there are four themed habitat areas apart from the regular exhibits. The unique place of the zoological which one should not miss during his/her trip to Alexandria Zoological Park is discussed in the following:
1. African Experience: This habitat is a natural habitat for African lions which was opened by occupying a small part of the zoological garden was first started in the September of 2003. The presence of the large rock formations as well as the waterfall attracts visitors a lot. The main animals which can be seen in this exhibit are dwarf crocodiles and crested porcupines.
2. Zoo’s Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises: This exhibit is mainly the habitat of the tortoises which was opened in the April of 2004.
3. Venom Center: At the time of visiting one can find different types of African snakes in this exhibit area.
4. Louisiana Habitat: This exhibit is featured with the plants, animals, architecture, industry and culture of Louisiana and was opened in 1998. There are several species present in the limited area of this exhibit such as alligator, roseate spoonbill, North American river otter, cougar, black bear, bobcat, raccoon, red wolf, white-tailed deer. There is an underwater viewing area from where one can see the species like Turtles, fish, otters, and alligators. For its uniqueness as well as capability to attract visitors this exhibit got 2 award in earlier period- best public facility” award in 1998 from the Louisiana Contractors magazine, & a “Significant Achievement” award in 2002 from the AZA.
Apart from enjoying the above mentioned exhibits one can enjoy Bayou Le Zoo Choo Choo, the zoo’s miniature train while visiting this zoological garden. The main two annual events conducted by the authority are Zoo Boo at Halloween and Holiday Light Safari.
This zoological garden not only makes it visitors enjoying a lot but also it is playing great role in the conservation of some species like Andean condor, Chinese alligator, clouded leopard, colobus monkey, cotton-top tamarin, fishing cat, gibbon, golden lion tamarin, Indochinese tiger, jaguar, lion, lion-tailed macaque, Louisiana pine snake, maned wolf, ocelot, red wolf, spectacled bear, spider monkey, and toucan as well as it is the habitat of some endangered species too like African dwarf crocodile, American crocodile, American black bear, Bengal tiger, black howler monkey, Brazilian tapir, Galapagos tortoise, lowland anoa, Nile crocodile, Palawan peacock pheasant, red-handed tamarin, and red kangaroo which make it unique from the others not only by its animal diversity but also playing an important role in conservation.

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