Henry Doorly Zoo Omaha, Nebraska

Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the most popular zoos among hundreds of zoos present in the United States of America having huge collection of animal diversities. The first name of this zoo was Riverview Park Zoo when it was opened in 1894. It is exactly situated in Omaha, Nebraska, USA occupying over 130 acres. It has wide variety of species diversity. There are 962 species present and the no of animals present in this zoo is 17000. This zoo became unique for its diverse species range as well as having major unique exhibits.
This zoo is one of central point of the attraction of the animal lovers who usually visits more than once every year. More than 20 million visitors stepped in this zoo in the past 40 years. So, the question arises what is the major exhibits of this zoo which make this so popular among the residents of USA. Some of the major exhibits (‘Kingdoms of the night’, ‘Lied Jungle’, ‘Desert Dome’) which one should not miss while visiting this zoo are discussed in the following:
1. Lied Jungle: The Lied Jungle was first exhibited on the 4th April, 1992. The total expenditure of the USA Government to make this world’s largest rain forest occupying1.5 acres was $15 million, situated just in the main entrance of the zoo. Anyone can observe this indoor rain forest from behind a 50 feet tall waterfall. There are almost 90 species present in this indoor rain forest such as blue monkey, gibbon, Indian crested porcupine, black howler monkey, scarlet macaw, common squirrel monkey etc.
2. Desert Dome: The Desert Dome is the world’s largest indoor desert which is situated just inside the main entrance of the zoo, occupying almost 42000 square feet area. Aggregation of geological features of the deserts (Red center of Australia, Namib desert of South Africa, Sonoran Desert situated in southwest United States) around the world is found in the Desert Dome. The species which one can see on his/her first visit to Desert Dome are wallaby, meerkat, ocelot, swift fox, venomous snakes, cape thick knee, central bearded dragon etc.
3. Kingdoms of the Night: The Eugene T. Mahoney Kingdoms of the Night is situated just beneath the Desert Dome which was opened in April, 2003. The total expenditure to this part of the zoo was $31.5 million which includes Desert Dome. The Kingdoms of the Night is consists of a swamp, a dry batcave, wet cave, a canyon, a eucalyptus forest. The species present in the Kingdoms of the Night are as follows blind cave fish, beaver, bushy tailed gird, fossa, bats, alligators etc.
4. Hubbard Gorilla Valley: This exhibits mainly concerned with the Gorillas which was inaugurated on April 8, 2004 by the expenditure of $14 million. The main species of gorillas which can be seen here are Mantled guereza, Western lowland gorilla, Wolf’s mona monkey, Red river hog, Diana monkey, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Yellow-backed duiker, Black crowned crane etc.
Apart from the above mentioned places there are some more major exhibits like Stingray Beach, Expedition Madagascar, Hubbard Orangutan Forest, Simmons valley, Red Burn Park, Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium etc. That’s why it should be a must visit for those who are residing in USA as well as outsiders too.
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