The Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana

The Indianapolis zoo, Indiana is one of the popular zoos which are situated in the White River State Park, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. This is a non-profit private organisation which is managed by the membership fees, donations, grants, and admission fees etc. No tax amount is collected anytime to run this institution. This is only the institution which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the American Alliance of Museums not only as a zoo, but also as an aquarium as well as a botanical garden also.
This zoo was opened on the 18th April, 1964. The total area which is occupied by this zoo is 64 acres which consists of 3800 animals belongs to 320 species. The thought of this zoo was first come into the mind of the newspaper columnist named Lowell B. Nussbaum.
This zoo is specially organised according to the biomes which is the specific area of having similar types of animals, plants as well as climates. You may see five different biomes while visiting this zoo. The major exhibits according to the biomes which are in the central point of attraction of every visitor are described in the following:
1. Forest Biome: This portion of the zoo mainly consists of China Display, Tropical Rainforest, Tiger forest, Bats, Featured exhibit, Aviaries. There are specific animals present in the different part of the exhibit. China Display contains Red panda and Chinese muntjac. There are White handed gibbon & Asian small-clawed otter present in the tropical rain forest. Amur Tigers can be observed by visiting the Tiger Forest whereas small flying fox and straw-coloured fruit bat can be seen in this part of the zoo. Alaskan brown bears are the only featured exhibit present in the forest biome of this zoo. The forest biome also contains an aviary which has birds like American bald eagle, Common raven, Turkey vulture etc.
2. Ocean Biome: This biome is open as an exhibit in 2007 which is also exhibiting penguins of different species. This biome is featured with the country’s largest dog shark (smooth dog fish) touch pool. The penguins which are being exhibited are Gentoo penguin, King Penguin, Southern rockhopper penguin. The other exhibits which are present in this area are Longhorn cowfish, Ocellaris clownfish, Bat star, Slate pencil urchin, Chocolate chip sea star, Orange clownfish, Cowrie, The true tulip snail, Green sea urchin, Blood sea star, Powderblue surgeonfish, Spotted unicornfish, Vlaming’s unicornfish, Bannerfish, Bird wrasse. The sea horse gallery contains animals like Longsnout seahorse, Pot-bellied seahorse, and Lined seahorse. Some marine mammals are also being exhibited in this zoo like Polar bear, Pacific walrus, Harbour seal, California sea lion, Gray seal, Bottlenose dolphin etc.
3. Desert Biome- This biomes mainly contains different types of desert animals which belong to mammals, birds, reptiles etc. The major exhibits which one can see are Slender-tailed meerkat, Australian snake-necked turtle, Desert tortoise, Pancake tortoise, Giant plated lizard, Inland bearded dragon, Gambel’s quail, Gouldian finch, Ball python, Blood python, Corn snake, Emerald tree boa etc.
4. Plain Biome: This is designed to make it similar to Africa. East African crowned crane, Common wildebeest, Grant’s zebra, Greater kudu, Marabou stork, reticulated giraffes, Addra gazelle, Southern white rhinoceros, Guinea baboon etc.
This zoo is quite different than the other as it has not only the wild exhibits but also have aquariums exhibiting marine mammals as well as having dolphin adventure pavilion which is the most attractive exhibit in the zoo. You should not miss it by any means while visiting this zoo. The zoo can give you a complete experience about different types of biomes which exists in our globe within a short period. That’s why it is not only an important visiting place for the animal lovers but also for the student as well as research workers too.
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