Jackson Zoo, Jackson Mississippi

The Jackson Zoo located in Jackson, MS originally opened its doors to the public in 1919. The zoo has a total area of 110 acres to provide a comfortable accommodation to all the animals that it houses. It has 120 different species and 776 animals. The zoo welcomes around 176,000 visitors every year although this is a relatively low number of yearly visitors as compared to the rest of the zoos.

Overview of Jackson Zoo
For over 90 years, Jackson Zoo attracts people from the state of Mississippi and the surrounding states. About 35,000 school children are making their way to the zoo during the school year.
The zoo exhibits and highlights Asian, African and local animals of Mississippi. Some of the recent births I the zoo include tiger, red wolves, gibbon and orangutan. The newly established tiger exhibit is presently the most famous exhibit of the zoo and there are also educational programs that are being offered in Gertrude C. Ford

Education Center.
Jackson Zoo is also offering some special facilities for family reunions, birthday parties and company rentals. More than 10 special events are being held which include ZooParty, Zoo Blues and ZooBrew.
The zoo’s guests can also enjoy fare from Elephant House Café, buy some keepsake merchandise from Jackson Zoo Trading Company. For those who want to enjoy picnics, these are also allowed in Livingston Park and there are available rides on Endangered Species carousel or train.
Jackson Zoo is actually the second biggest zoo of the state of Mississippi just right behind the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo. This is also the sole zoo that has acquired the accreditation of the state’s AZA or Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
Animal Collection and Exhibits.
Currently, Jackson Zoo has almost 800 animals that represent over 200 various species from different corners of the world. The zoo is presently renovating most of its older exhibits into new exhibits which will stimulate the natural environment of the animals so that the visitors will not just see most of the beautiful animals of the world but also take in the scenery where the animals live in.
Jackson Zoo has different areas that are meant to represent certain places on the planet, which include the African Savannah, African Rainforest, Froggy Bottom, Wilderness Mississippi, Discovery Zoo, Jewels of South America Aviary and some other exhibits distributed on the park that spans for 110 acres.

Visit Jackson Zoo Today
The beauty of Jackson Zoo lies in their successful representation of the natural habitat of the animals that they have included in their exhibits and collection. From kids to adults alike, everyone will surely enjoy taking in the stunning animals as they go about their lives within an environment that makes them feel right at home. The next time that you feel like seeing a new place refreshing to the eyes, then, Jackson Zoo definitely deserves to be included to your list of must-visit destinations where you can enjoy, learn and discover all at the same time.
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The Jackson Zoo is open every day except Christmas.
9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Ticket sales end at 3:30 pm.

Children 2-12 years:$7.25
Children under 2 years:free

Visit their website for full details www.jacksonzoo.org