Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville Tennessee

Knoxville Zoo is one of the most visited zoological parks situated just east of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee near exit 392 off Interstate 40. The entire area of this zoo is 53 acres. There are about 800 animals present in this zoo which is visited by about 400,000 people every year. This zoo is also accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). There are different types of animals present in this zoological park which varies from mammals to reptiles.
This zoological park houses mammals like African elephants, African lions, African wild dogs, American black bears, Bengal tigers, Blue monkeys, Chimpanzees, Geoffrey’s marmosets, Hamadryas baboons, Indochinese tigers, gibbons etc. You may find birds as well as reptiles like African grey parrot, Andean condor, Black-footed penguin, Red-legged seriema, Roseate spoonbill, Scarlet macaw, Aldabra giant tortoise, Alligator snapping turtle, Bog turtle, Chinese alligator in different indoor and outdoor habitats of this zoological park.
You will enjoy a pleasant experience after seeing many natural outdoor as well as indoor habitats when visiting this zoological park. The major exhibit areas which one should not miss during his/her visit are described in brief in the following:

The Boyd Family Red Panda Village: This habitat is located off of the East Tennessee Plaza and was opened in October 2007 .Red panda is the major exhibit present in this habitat area. It is in the central point of attraction of all the visitors. This habitat featured with two outdoor as well as one indoor viewing area. One can walk through the aviary styles exhibit to view red pandas without any barrier. White throated laughing thrush is the other major exhibit which one can see in this habitat.
Black Bear Falls: This habitat area is located in the East Tennessee Plaza and possibly made by The Lucille S. Thompson Family Foundation. This habitat area opened for the first time on September,2002 which is not only the habitat of 3 black beers but also equipped with 40 foot life size log tunnel, natural looking trees, flowing stream and many more.
Chimp Ridge: This habitat is the home of 4 chimpanzees, located beside Gorilla Valley and was opened in 1999. This habitat is featured with indoor, outdoor & glass viewing areas as well as Chimp interactive sound wall.
Grasslands Africa: This exhibit (Located between Safari Grill and Mildred’s Place) is unique by its own exhibits as it has world’s largest and most powerful terrestrial mammal – the elephant, tallest mammal – the giraffe, & largest bird – the ostrich. It was opened on August, 2002 and possibly made by Scott Niswonger.
Meerkat Lookout: This is the home for of two mobs of meerkats which is located in Grasslands Africa and was opened on April 2003. This habitat area is featured with exhibit floor, heated rocks as well as feeding tubes.
Stokely African Elephant Preserve: This habitat area houses 3 elephants which is located in Grasslands Africa and was opened in April 2002. This was made Possible by the William B. Stokely, Jr. Foundation. The attractive features of this exhibit are Indoor, air-conditioned and heated visitor viewing area, three outdoor pools and natural looking trees etc.
New Nature Play: This is actually a playing area f little visitors instead of being a habitat area. It allows children to have some fun outdoors with imagination-inspiring elements.
This zoological park not only attracts its visitors by its collection of different animal species but also it plays an important role in conservation of endangered species like Red Pandas, White Rhinos & African elephant by being their breeding zone.

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The zoo is currently open: Everyday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m 2015

Admission Prices:
Adults: $19.95
Children 2-12: $16.95
Children under 2: Free
Senior Citizens over the age of 65: $16.95

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