The Montgomery Zoo, Mann Wildlife Learning Museum

Back in year 2003, Mann Wildlife Learning Museum was bought by Montgomery Area Zoological Society and moved to Montgomery Zoo. The number of big animals on display was taken with bow and arrow by George Mann, the trophy hunter. Guests who are visiting Mann Wildlife Learning Museum can now touch and feel the antlers and furs of some of the animals on display. Animals are in 3-sided displays so you may walk up close and see the animals and their habitat. Every display is assembled from actual plans and natural materials, rocks, small critters, trees, sand collected, and dirt from an actual site where the displayed animals live its life.

What You Should Know about Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum?

Once you visit Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum, you will be able to have a glimpse of the jungles in South America, travel Africa’s savannahs, and Asia’s hilltops. You will also see Zebras graze on the plains while the tigers roam nearby.

If you have not been to the Zoo for a while, you’re missing out the educational and fun-packed adventure. The residents in the zoo include over five hundred animals from 5 different continents, all housed in barrier-free, natural habitats. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum also spans over forty beautifully landscape acres, providing you a magnificent view of endangered and exotic wildlife species. With a ride on miniature train or leisurely stroll, this zoo is no doubt a sight to see.
From the amazing habitats of new African elephants to zebras and lions, Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum is a place where you always want to be, especially if you are an animal lover and want to know more about the Animal Kingdom. The best thing it is that there are several things on this zoo that you won’t experience with some. One of these is its Overlook Café, which is surrounded by animals, providing a unique view.

You can also enjoy taking the train ride to the zoo and the lake of the zoo is inhabited by several water fowl and birds. You will also have a glimpse on its flight free aviary, which offers the birds the freedom to roam and fly, giving you a much intimate look. The zoo’s aviary houses various birds, which are native to South American Tropics.

When it comes to the zoo’s reptile house, it is the home to some of the most exotic reptiles and snakes of the world. Each reptile is nester in natural settings, providing an up close as well as personal view from a safe distance. The museum also hosts hundreds of wildlife exhibit, different saltwater fish, insects, and reptiles commonly found in North America.
Discover the Wild and Visit the Zoo Today!

The diversity of Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum will definitely amaze you. So, what else are you waiting for? Plan your visit at the soonest time possible. It’s open year round except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day.
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Hours of operation
Open daily, 7 days per week*
9am – 5:30pm** ***
*Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas
Day (the zoo will open Christmas night
during Christmas Lights Festival) and
New Year’s Day.

** Last ticket is sold and animal exhibits
begin closing at 4:30pm daily.

Visit there website here for current admission prices.