Natural Bridge Zoo, Natural Bridge Virginia

Natural Bridge Zoo Park is always been a privately owned zoo and never accepted any kind of local, state or federal funding. It opened its doors to the public in year 1972 and since then, it continues to grow. The primary purpose for Natural Bridge Zoo has been the rearing and propagation of endangered or threatened species.

Natural Bridge Zoo Park tries to offer the general public and students the chance to learn about the living birds, animals, and reptiles. A lot of kids have no or little contact with natural living things in their lives. While the TV programs are education, there’s nothing like standing next to a giraffe, hugging baby dromedary camel, getting nuzzled by llamas, and gazing into the eyes of a big white tiger to ensure that you appreciate and feel the world of animals.
Numerous uninformed, yet well meaning people believe that every exotic animal belongs free in their natural habitat. What they do not realize is that in numerous instances, the habitat in the wild has been degraded because of poaching, lumbering, human encroachment, and agriculture. At Natural Bridge Zoo, it has been protecting and breeding endangered and threatened species for several years.

Natural Bridge Zoo has propagated different generations of the following species:
 Grivet Monkeys
 Capuchin Monkeys
 Dromedary Camels
 Grant Zebra
 Nyala Antelope
 Sitatunga Antelope
 Himalayan Bears
 Ring-tailed Lemur
 Sacred Ibis
 East African Crowned Cranes
 Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot
 Military Macaw
 Blue and Gold Macaw
 Scarlet Macaw
 West African Crown Crane
 Stanley Crane
 Sarus Crande
 Demoiselle Crane
 Blesbok
 Kudu
 Beisa Oryx
 Reticulated Giraffe
 Sitatunga
 Bongo

One of the best things of having a zoo trip at Natural Bridge Zoo is a stroll through their petting zoo where visitors can have the chance to feed camel, giraffes, goats, llama, and numerous playful animals. Natural Bridge Zoo has over 100 baby animals that are born yearly.
Enjoy a Tour at Natural Bridge Zoo

At Natural Bridge Zoo, you won’t only learn, but also you can experience a close encounter with various animals. The zoo offers close encounter tours that will give you a unique opportunity. Get personal and up close with different special ambassador animals and share experiences like no other. The close encounter tour is a guided tour, which includes fun facts and an opportunity to make unforgettable memories.

The current close encounter tour of the zoo includes meeting Quilla, an African Crested Porcupine, feeding recent babies, feeding ringtail lemur, meeting reptiles like Bella, a ball python, etc. Close encounter tours also include seeing cats and an African Elephant, which will surely make your tour much incomparable. So, if you don’t want to miss this chance, schedule your close encounter tour at Natural Bridge Zoo today and find out why it is very popular!
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Hours of Operation:
Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm (except on major winter holidays)
Adults: $14.95
Seniors: (62+) $12.95
Children: (2-11) $11.95

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