Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo, Hilo on the island of Hawaii, experience the adventure


A Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo is situated in the place called “Hilo” in the Hawaii Island. This zoo has opened in the year 2007. It is the only tropical zoo, which is located in the United States. This zoo has spread over a land of 20 acres to offer shelter for the animals. In this zoo you can find more than 80 varieties of unique species. It attracts the travelers all over the world; about 100,000 tourists visit this zoo every year.

Inside the zoo, you can find a several varieties of endangered Hawaiian animals such as Nene Geese it is a Hawaiian state of Bird, Namaste it is a white Bengal Tiger, Lemurs, Spider monkeys, in addition to this there are some rainforest animals are there in Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo. This zoo doubles as a botanical garden because the planting efforts of the volunteers are continuous so the gardens at this zoo is considered as a botanical garden, this garden is covered with a water garden, varieties of palms, bamboos and orchids.

The zoo spotlights the attractive, feathery or sometimes scaly inhabitants of the world’s rainforests; it includes reptiles, sloths, parrots, vultures, feral goats, an iguana, a pygmy hippo, axis deer and a water buffalo. The most famous attraction of the Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo was a male white Bengal tiger named “Namaste”.
After you enter the first gate, the tourists are welcomed by a friendly Macaw named Max, and the Butterfly houses where you can find unique species of butterfly, along with a popular Monarch Butterfly. The pavilions all over the park will make it an ideal place for the picnic. A few larger pavilions can be rented for the parties, school trips and other types of gatherings. They offer playground for the children’s and sitting area.

Special facilities offered at the Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo
In this you can find the gift shop with a cool refreshments and snacks. The buggies shaped like animals are also available for the rent through the gift shop for 2 to 5 dollars. It offers free parking facility for the travelers and finding a parking place is not an issue during the busy weekends, because it offers ample parking lots.

A Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo size
This zoo is not outstandingly too large, here you can find totally 150 houses for all the animals, but it is sufficient to delight the animals of almost all the ages. If anything, the zoos intimate the size offers almost all the critter in this zoo is featured with a special celebrity status.

Timings of Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo
When it comes to the timings of the zoo, The Pan’ewa Rainforest zoo opens at 9 Am to 4 Pm and from 1:30 Pm to 2:30 Pm on the Saturday. One of the special facilities is offered in this is the admission is free and it opened for the public all day except New Year’s Day and Christmas, but you have to consider either visiting to their gift outlets or you can offer a donation in order to support this zoo and their other kinds of outreach activities.

Admission is free

Open 9 – 4 daily
except Christmas and New Year’s Day

Gift Shop is open 9 – 4 daily
808-959-9233 for information

Petting Zoo every Saturday 1:30 – 2:30

Tiger feeding 3:30 daily

The Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo is a public facility under the administration of the Hawaii County Parks and Recreation Department.

Visit there website here for full details.