Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Zoo is the home of over 1,400 animals, including thirty species, which are threatened or endangered. There’s so much to be learned about the animals that live in this zoo. That is the reason why if you’re a zoo lover, it is best to explore Phoenix Zoo.

Once you visit Phoenix Zoo, you will not just get to know some facts about animals, but also visitors will have a chance to take advantage of programs and camps, which provide opportunities for onsite learning and enjoyment. Every animal that lives at the Zoo in the wild are inspiring and intriguing. They’ll also leave you with greater understanding as well as care for natural world.

Visit Phoenix Zoo
A visit to Phoenix Zoo will lead you to a wonderful world of imagination, discovery, and curiosity. For many years, this zoo and its animals have always amazed guests from across the area of Phoenix and across the globe. Whether you’re searching for Asian elephants, towering giraffes, or you wish to visit a safari to look for Sumatran tiger, a day at Phoenix Zoo will surely give you an adventure like no other.
With shops, cafes, lush gardens, and great experiences like Stingray Bay, Monkey Village, Giraffe Encounter, Safari Train, and so on, your visit to Phoenix zoo will be memorable for each of your family members. Phoenix Zoo is one of the biggest non-profit zoos in the nation and is committed to the conservation and providing wonderful experiences, which inspire individuals and motivate them to care for natural world.

Where Phoenix Zoo is Located?
It is situated at 455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona. Its entrance is off the Galvin Parkway and located in the heart of the Papago Park, between Van Buren and McDowell.

What Activities Offered?
Phoenix Zoo provides a wide variety of educational camps, hands-on programs designed for teens, adults, and kids. The programs at this zoo will give you unique experiences and some of these programs are outreach programs, special needs programs, school and teacher programs, adult programs, teen programs, and kids and family programs.
If you want your kids to enjoy a great and unforgettable experience, it is best to spend a night at Phoenix Zoo. With this, they will learn about the environment and animals that are famous. Those who love horses can also learn to ride as well as take care of your unique needs in the program of Phoenix Zoo, which is ideal for adults and children. If you want to further about animal education, they zoo has partners that will provide students the ability to help them obtain a degree in an exceptional environment while working full time.

There are other things that you will enjoy and experience from visiting Phoenix Zoo. However, if you are planning to visit it, you should know some things to ensure your safety and take home nothing but memorable experience. You can also contact Phoenix Zoo directly if you wish to avail a particular program.
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Run seasonally, check there website for details.

Adults: $20.00
Children: Ages 3–12, $10.00
Children Ages 2 and under are free

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