Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, WA

Seattle Aquarium is a most visited marine aquariums which is open for all the public. The well visited aquarium is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), has its own unique features which make it one of the major attraction points of the persons who love marine organisms. This aquarium is situated on Pier 59 on the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, USA. This aquarium was inaugurated for the first time on 20th May, 1977. In that earlier period it was being operated by the City of Seattle, Department of Parks and Recreation.
This aquarium plays an important role in marine conservation as well have a great impact on the tourism of the USA as every year there 800000 persons including 50000 visits this aquarium for feel the marine environment closely. This aquarium is also gained popularity as it has some unique exhibits consists of large no of marine species. Some of the major exhibits which are solely responsible for attracting so many visitors every year are discussed in the following:
1. Window on Washington Waters: Window on Washington Waters is the largest water tank present in this aquarium which has a capacity of 120,000-US-gallon. This tank was made in 2007 which also belongs to the agenda of expansion of the aquarium. The marine organisms present in this water tank are salmon, rockfish, and sea anemones. Diving shows is being conducted by the divers several times a day.
2. Crashing Waves Exhibit: This exhibit is actually a wave tank having length about 12 m and depth about 1.5m which consists of the Washington shores from the intertidal zone.
3. Marine Mammals: From the name of the exhibit it is clear that this is only for exhibiting marine organisms which are mammals like harbour seals, Northern fur seals, sea otters.
4. Pacific Coral Reef: Pacific Coral Reef is an artificially made coral reef which consists of a 25,000-US-gallon water tank. You may find many fishes which are living in and around the Pacific Coral Reef.
5. Ocean oddities: This is a special exhibit where one can find pinecone fish, cowfish, flying gurnards, potbellied seahorses, and short dragon fish as major marine organisms.
6. Life on the Edge: This is consists of two large exhibit pools along with a touch zone which was first opened on 2002.
7. Birds and Shores: This exhibit is mainly consists of three different areas such as i) Northwest Shores ii) Alcids iii) Shorebird exhibit. Northwest shores is the mainly exhibits different type of birds which has their several types of habitats in the northwest coastal region where Alcids exhibits tufted puffins and common murres.
8. Puget Sound Fish: According to the name of the exhibit it can be surely assumed that this exhibit consists of fishes coming from Pudget Sound.
Apart from the major exhibits which are discussed in the earlier paragraphs there are two more exhibits which are known as Life of a Drifter & Underwater Dome. This aquarium has enough resource to give knowledge anyone about the marine life of animals as well as it has the capability to attract animal lover too, that’s why if you still not visited this aquarium for a single time then your idea of marine life will remain incomplete.

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