Virginia Zoological Park Norfolk, Virginia

Lafayette Park started its acquisition of animals in 1900, yet it didn’t officially become Lafayette Zoological Park until year 1901 once deemed a city park by Norfolk City. As of now, Virginia Zoo spans fifty-three acres, which is adjacent to Lafayette Park and bordered by Lafayette River.
Unlike other zoos, Virginia Zoological Park has over 500 animals that represent more than 100 various species. It was also accredited in year 1974. For this reason, it continues adhering high standards that are set by Association of Zoos & Aquariums. In year 1985, the park was called Virginia Zoological Park, which is also referred to as Virginia Zoo.
What Makes Virginia Zoological Park Unique?
The mission of Virginia Zoological Park is to enhance understanding of the flora and fauna in the world and to add more knowledge about them, while displaying animals respectfully in a way that will encourage natural behavior. It also aims to conserve animals and their habitats as well as to provide opportunities for enjoyment and learning to the public. This will strive to fulfill this mission through conservation, research, recreation, and education.
It also strives for excellence to be a superior zoological institution and achieve its fullest potential in serving animals, people, and the environment through the programs that emphasize conservation, recreation, and education.

Virginia Zoological Park also functions as a real hybrid operation through constant communication and joint efforts between the staff of VZS or Virginia Zoological Society and VZP or Virginia Zoological Park. The staff maintains every animal exhibit and offers animal care as well as husbandry, keeps the gardens and lush grounds, manages the ticket booth of the Zoo, and oversees most building maintenance and repair.

The staff of VZS operates the gift shop, concessions, restaurants, special parties and events, educational programs, promotions and marketing, fundraising and grant writing, and membership programs through private sectors. The staff of every organization works side-by-side regularly and operation of 2 organizations isn’t only complementary and closely related, yet mostly indistinguishable.
Animals and Plants
From the popular African elephant to the small poison dart frog, Virginia Zoological Park is the home to more than five hundred furry, scaly, and feathered animal friends. Aside from that, the zoo also boasts from having countless plants. The animals and plants in the zoo include exotic representatives from Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, and so on.
Plan Your Visit at Virginia Zoological Park
If you are the type of person who loves exploring and discovering or you have kids who love animals, then plan your visit at Virginia Zoological Park, which will bring you to the world of discovery. The best thing about this zoo is that it’s open all year round and will provide you excitement, education, and fun.
Both kids and adults will love to have meet and greet various animals including giraffes, red pandas, kangaroos, and tigers. You can also take a ride on the train in the zoo or take a stroll through the zoo’s beautiful gardens.
At Virginia Zoological Park, unforgettable and memorable adventure awaits for your entire family!
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10am until 5pm. 7 days a week.
The Virginia Zoo is closed New Year’s Day,
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
Seasonal hours may apply.
Adults: $14.95
Children: $12.95 (ages 2-11)
Senior Citizens: $11.95 (ages 62 and older)
Children under 2: Free

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