Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Orlando Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is the second largest theme park in the whole world which is situated in the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, southwest of Orlando. There are four theme parks situated in the Florida, among which this is the fourth as per the establishment of it. This is a public theme park, first inaugurated almost 17 years before on the April 22, 1998 which was the ‘Earth Day’. Though it is the second largest theme park, the world’s largest theme park is Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey which covers almost 500 acres.
It is reported by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park have enough capability to be a research or educational place as well as it is playing an important role in animal conservation also. So, it is seemed that there is surely the presence of some uniqueness which attracts so many guests.

Let’s discuss the unique characteristics of this park in the following:
The Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is generally divided into seven separate areas:
1. Oasis: The Oasis is the main entrance of park which facilitates the visitor to go to deeper through the main path. Presence of rainforest café can be seen before entering into the park through Oasis. There are seven different animal habitat in the Oasis which may also include: African spoonbills, Australian white ibis, babirusas, bronze-winged ducks, buffleheads, Chiloe wigeons, Eleonora cockatoos, Florida cooters, giant anteaters, hooded mergansers etc.
2. Discovery Island: This is the central hub of the park which connects the other exhibits of the park in one place situated in the Discovery River Water Way. The first name of this area was ‘Safari Village’. The main exhibit species of this area are Abdim’s storks, black crowned cranes, black-necked swans, blue-and-yellow macaws, Cape teals, chitals, collared brown lemurs, eastern grey kangaroos, Galápagos tortoises, Greater flamingos etc.
3. Africa: This part of the park is themed according to Harambe, the village of Africa. It consists of several African animal exhibits like dama gazelles, gerenuks, Grant’s zebras, greater flamingos, greater kudus, helmeted guineafowls, hippos, impalas, lions, mandrills, Nile crocodiles, northern pintails, nyalas, okapis etc. which one can visit by open sided safari.
4. Rafiki’s Planet Watch: This is the one and only part of the theme park which is disconnected from the Discovery Island, providing its visitors short trip by narrow gauge train. The most common animal exhibits which can be seen here are giant African millipedes, golden lion tamarins, gray rat snakes, green tree pythons, Guinea hogs, Gulf Coast Native sheep, hermit crabs, hyacinth macaws, kinkajous, llamas etc.
5. Asia: It is the expanded area of the park which was opened 1 year after the inauguration of the park in 1999. There is maharajah jungle track which leads its visitor to the habitat of the following animal species: common emerald doves, cotton pygmy geese, crested partridges, early bluebirds, Eld’s deer, golden pheasants, golden-crested mynas, green junglefowl, green peafowls, hooded pittas, hoopoes etc.
6. DinoLand U.S.A.: It is the particular unique place in the theme park which is created to reduce the curiosity about dinosaurs that’s why it consists of species like- American crocodile, red legged seriemas, Abdim’s stork and Asian brown tortoise which probably have some relations with dinosaurs.
The theme which is exhibited by this park attracts a lot of persons to visit it. That’s why it is ranked as 4th most visited park in United States of America and 7th most visited park in the whole world in the year 2004 by making 10.4 million guests to visit it. It is a nice place for all animal lovers, student, and research workers as well public also for its amazing exhibit idea.
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